I, Anders Steinvall, is a Swedish freelance journalist and writer based in Uppsala, Sweden (just north of Stockholm), and periodically in London.
I have a long background in journalism. I spent 22 years at the Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's leading national morning paper, where I was a reporter and foreign correspondent, award-winning sports writer and sports editor among other things. I has also worked as editor-in-chief of a local newspaper in Northern Sweden.
My focus is now on book writing. My first book, a non-fiction book about London, was published (in Swedish) in April 2015. The book "Det nya London" ("The new London") reports from the urban frontlines of a city in rapid change. It covers a period from the widespread riots in August 2011, over the successful Olympic Games in 2012 and the years after that when the city seemed more successful than ever, attracting people and capital from all over the world. From abandoned mansions on "Billionaires Row" to the harsh reality of life on a council estate, the book describes meetings with Londoners in the midst of an urban drama.

My writing is focused om urban issues, from gentrification to migration and regeneration. Should anybody be interested in reports on these topics from Sweden or other Nordic countries, feel free to get in touch.

Contact information:

E-mail: anders.steinvall@gmail.com
Telephone, Sweden: +46 70 259 3040.
Telephone, UK: +44 74 2807 0957.

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